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Used / PX Hot Tubs



 All of the used and traded-in Hot Tubs and spas that we acquire must pass a series of tests that bring the spa up to the highest standard that is expected from Mr Hot Tubs. Mechanically and aesthetically, each spa must be restored near to its original just-manufactured state as possible. Below is a list that shows many of the items that are checked when a second hand hot tub spa comes in to Mr Hot Tubs:



Redwood Skirting


Whatever the spa needs after being checked out, it gets. Our goal is to present a spa that will give you years of satisfied operation.

All refurbished spas undergo a 24-36 hour water test. This "live" test enables us to check for any leaks and allows us to check the heater and other electrical components drawing actual amperage on a load.

In addition to the water test, all spas receive a redwood cabinet refurbishing. All of the redwood is sanded down to the smooth, natural redwood. Dings and nicks are filled if necessary, then a high-quality semi-transparent stain/sealer is applied that protects and beautifies the hot tub / spa. Many refurbished spas are hard to tell from the new ones.

 All our RECYCLED Hot Tubs / Spas come with at least 3 months no quibble warranty and some of the newer tubs will come with upto 12 months warranty. We of course do get some tubs with no warranty and are as "sold as seen", but as you will be aware these tubs may work fine they just haven't passed our high standard Spa Recycle program.

If You currently have a tub that you want to sell for what ever reason give us a call we may even be able to value it over the phone. When we purchase any tubs there are of course limitations before the final purchase by Mr Hot Tubs Limited, here are a few things you need to be aware of before you call.

1.The spa must have not pending hire purchase

2. Proof of ownership

3.Be full of water (working or not)

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